The Twin Ball Massager provides instant face fillers! I sometimes use this on one side of my face and then look in the mirror to see the difference between the two sides and the amount that this enhances my cheekbones is outrageous.

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling and living in hot countries (Australia, Bali, Brazil) where I was annoyingly lackadaisical about sun protection, and subsequently, I have been punished with some premature lines on my forehead. So, to counteract; I apply some facial oil, hold my forehead taut with one hand and then roller this up and across to roller those wrinkles away. It works. I feel like I’m ironing them out. Obviously they do come back; this isn’t a face lift, but facial massaging is proven to prevent and reduce wrinkles over time.

Facial massaging brings oxygen to your skin and increases blood flow, which in turn increases collagen production; which is naturally anti ageing. Honestly, if you’re 25+ get into facial massaging and you’ll notice such a difference. I do this for a few minutes, a few times a week.

Instructions for how to use are on the box, pictured below, but do let me know in the comments if you’d like a vlog with a demo 🙂

Tip: When using this on cheekbones, be mindful not to go too high and drag the delicate eye area down. If used to drag the eye area around, you will create wrinkles! Sounds obvious, but I just thought I’d mention it, due to the excruciating tale of one friend using an Olay electric cleansing brush directly on her eyes (Yes, Samantha Lily Carr, I’m looking at you) – that’s a NO! Gentle smooths and taps on the eyes please.


Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

This is a lovely, cold pressed, 99% natural origin facial oil. It’s low-tech skincare, that’s really nice to my skin, that doesn’t break me out, that I really, really like using with my facial massager. I’ve also taken to rubbing a few drops into my dry, wintery lips.

I like to apply it under a night mask before bed. (Currently: The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask) I go to sleep looking pretty shiny and wake up with plumped up, soft skin. I have naturally oily skin so don’t use it in the AM but dryer skin types would appreciate a few drops of this pressed into skin in the morning too. You can also add it to your moisturiser.

If you have very oily skin, don’t be afraid of oils! Oil cleansers and balms are wonderful for cleansing, and layering on the right facial oil or serum in the PM will be really beneficial.

There aren’t any comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients in this Body Shop Facial Oil, so it shouldn’t break you out as long as you are applying it to properly cleansed skin.

I used to be moisture-phobic as a teen, because I thought that adding in moisture would make my skin more oily, and therefore more blemish-prone. It sounds like a contradiction but you can have dehydrated, oily skin – and that’s what I ended up with. Also, stripping your skin with harsh cleansers and skipping moisturiser can cause the skin to produce even more oil.

I have had the 50ml for a few months and apply this liberally a few times a week, and it has only gone down by about one eighth.

£30 for 30ml, £38 for 50ml – Vegan

*Speaking of facial oil – I also really like Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, specifically for Oily/Combination Skin.


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