Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

This is my favourite item out of all The Body Shop items. Big shout. In fact, the entire Camomile range is pretty damn fantastic; the Silky Cleansing oil is also great for removing stubborn makeup. The only reason I prefer the Camomile Cleansing Butter is because I can use it for my first and second cleanse*, with the oil; I feel like I need to use something different afterwards to remove any remaining traces.

I LOVE an oil to take off my make up, it just makes make up removal a billion times easier. This cleansing butter is perfect. The buttery texture turns to oil as soon as it touches your skin. I like to massage it in and use a hot muslin cloth to remove it, and if it’s the evening, I rinse and repeat.

Voilà, I’m left with lovely clean skin ready for me to layer half an apothecary onto it as my fiancé looks on in complete bafflement.

£10 – 90mls (lasts a good while) 100% Vegan


*For those of you not au fait with the double cleanse, I shall explain. If you wear make up or sunscreen; your first cleanse just removes the make up/sunscreen you’re wearing. It doesn’t clean your skin, it just removes the crap on top of it. The second cleanse gets into your pores and really gives your skin a good and proper clean. There’s no point in layering serums, moisturisers or gels onto skin that isn’t clean. It won’t work. When anybody comes into The Bodyshop complaining of breakouts, my first check is that they are properly cleaning their skin, otherwise there’s very little point in recommending treatments.

Get on the double cleansing! Your skin will thank you 🙂

God of Skincare Caroline Hirons can show you how to wash your face properly right here.


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