Okay, so this post is going to be a quickie because I’m going to locate some beverages with my delicious friend Caroline, who just cancelled her pilates class in favour of wine and chips with meeee! <3 What a babe. And we both got engaged over December – SO THAT’S EXCITING!

Honey Bronze Drops Of Sun – Holiday Glow Creator

This stuff is a must have for any pro kit, or if you fake tan, OR if you get a bit more tanned during summer but want to keep using your normal foundation.

I like to pump out a bit of foundation onto a palette and add this drop by drop, mixing it in after each little squeeze of the pipette, until the foundation reaches the desired colour. I recently used it on a model (the strikingly gorgeous Charlotte Hilton) who had brought her own foundation for me to use on her, but had fake tanned. I just added a few drops of this to her usual foundation, and presto – skin matched up.

Some of these ‘darkening drops’ to adjust the colour of foundations can leave them looking really murky and muddy. This one really does not do that, if anything it adds a touch of luminosity, whilst being completely shimmer free. Really v.handy for most people’s make up kit.

£12 Vegetarian (Not vegan due to the addition of honey.) Lasts an age.


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