6 days of Body Shop heroes – Day 1

So whilst I’m studying on my Theatrical and Media Hair and Makeup course I’ve gone and got myself a job at The Body Shop – which, as I already spend my pennies there weekly; is an absolute dream! And the team in Cardiff are just the loveliest lot I could have hoped to end up working with.

I’m a crap liar and I always thought I’d make a dreadful salesperson because I’d be no good at thoughtlessly pushing things on people that are no good for them. The beautiful thing about working at The Body Shop is that I get to sell ethically produced products, that genuinely work, that I genuinely believe in. Everyone can find something great for their skin at The Body Shop.

I’m always amazed at how many of my mates don’t regularly shop there yet and I’ve been pushing their products long before becoming employed by them. The products are ridiculously reasonably priced for the goodness that you get in exchange for your money!

For my first blog posts on the site; I’ve decided to put out 6 posts about my personal favourites from The Body Shop.

So lets get cracking.


Now, you can use and buy these products separately, but I find that they really go hand in hand. I had yet to experience the Spa of the World range before starting work for The Body Shop, and when I first started, I asked the girls what their must have products were and they directed me straight over to these two.

The French Grape Seed Scrub looks like a green cream, with a few visible grains. It contains grape seed powder and organic sugar and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth . You know how some scrubs containing sugar can leave behind a sticky residue? Well this is a scrub containing sugar that does not do that. Rub it on in circular motions to buff dead skin away and you are left with super soft skin. This is easily the best scrub I’ve ever used and it has a gorgeous, fresh scent.

And it doesn’t clog drains. *Cough* Home-made coconut oil coffee scrubs…

£7 mini £22 full size – 100% Vegan


Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream

The texture of this is amazing; like a rich and creamy gel consistency. It sinks straight into skin with an almost cooling sensation, not too much, just enough to make skin feel really fresh. When combined with the above scrub, it leaves my skin feeling OUTSTANDING. And the caffeine in it is supposed to make it firming for the skin. Is it? I don’t know, I haven’t been using it long enough, I don’t really care – it just feels incredible! It has a gorgeous, refreshing smell and absorbs immediately. Which is something I adore as I’m not keen on products that take 74983 hours to sink in. With this you can apply it and get dressed immediately afterward.

This product, used with the above scrub, is just the most luxurious treat for my skin. The first time I used them both together I stroked my own arm all day.

£7 mini or £25 full size – 100% Vegan



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